03/21/16 12:15 PM

Pawan Kalyan Apologizes to Shakalaka Shankar


The news that powerstar Pawan Kalyan slapped Shakalaka Shankar has been fast spreading in telugu film nagar. It is known that Shankar clarified on the matter in a recent interview with a popular newspaper. Apart from saying that there is no slapping, Shakalaka Shankar revealed a few interesting points. Apart from some warnings when he did not concentrate on the shoot, he said that nothing else happened. The comedian mentioned that Pawan was very good to him all through the shoot of Sardaar Gabbar Singh and that he himself prepared fish curry for powerstar one day. He said that Pawan asked him to sing northern Andhra songs several times and enjoyed them. He strictly denied rumours saying that powerstar slapped him.This went to the notice of Pawan Kalyan. Though he is not involved in the spreading of rumours, Pawan felt that the comedian would be feeling bad. So, he apologized to Shakalaka Shankar about it. Shankar said that he was uncomfortable when pawan, who he treats like god, apologized to him. Also Pawan comforted him saying that such kind of rumours are common and asked him not to take them to heart.



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