04/15/16 3:20 PM

Pawan Kalyan Fans are Gaddars


Controversial film maker who is known for his sensational tweets, Ram Gopal Varma, says he is a huge fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The sensational film maker, after making much fun about the film Sardaar Gabbar singh and actor Pawan Kalyan, has finally said that his tweets about PK are being misunderstood; therefore, he has decided not to tweet anything about Pawan. Many fans did not believe this as he usually lies in such things and the same has happened. RGV continued to tweet about Pawan Kalyan but without mentioning his name. He called Pawan Kalyan fans as Gaddars. “An elevated soul is often mistaken as a frustrated soul by a retarded soul because of his nonsensical sense of essence. A heated power failure melts a star’s sparkle becos of moon’s retarded heat and not becos of the assumed frustration of the sun’s coldness. I am frustrated with the fans because they are leaving the power of a star and sitting in jungle book theatres..they are Gaddars of Power.” he tweeted.




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