05/19/15 11:00 AM

Pawan Kalyan to go on Hunger Strike against Chandrababu’s Govt.


Tollywood actor, Jana Sena part founder, Pawan Kalyan is getting ready for hunger strike against land pooling for AP state capital. Pawan earlier warned Chandrababu and TDP that land should be acquired from those farmers who voluntarily give it away and in case government tries to snatch from those who are not ready to give their lands, he said that he will not tolerate and will come into picture in case he notices any such consequences. He appealed the same to CM Chandrababu Naidu. The TDP government and Chandrababu Naidu, paying deaf ear to Pawan Kalyan’s words, passed the controversial GO no. 166 to acquire lands from farmers, though they are not willing to give it to government. Also government is making preparations to do the same. Some farmers have already approached High Court regarding forceful land pooling, after which a few farmers who allotted their lands as per FORM 9.3 have also taken aback, their decision. They are now requesting to return acceptance documents that were earlier signed by them.




TDP government not being bothered about Pawan Kalyan saying several times not to forcefully acquire land from farmers, the actor-turned-politician is aggressed. The government of AP has already acquired 40 thousand acres of land, trying to pool much more land from farmers is illegitimate, said Pwan Kalyan to his associates, say some sources. Pawan Kalyan, who has been discussing his displeasure with government’s functioning in the matter with his companions is said to go on hunger strike in villages Rayapudi and Bethapudi of the state capital. The actor has decided to go on hunger strike in case GO no. 166 is not suspended by Chandrababu Naidu’s government. Pawan who carried out final meeting with his members regarding the matter is expected to speak out tomorrow publicly what he is planning to do.

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