05/23/15 7:28 AM

Pawan Kalyan is Growing Beard for…?


Pawan Kalyan appeared at Manchu Manoj’s wedding as a yogi with a fully grown beard. When compared to when he visited fan Srija, Pawan had larger beard when he attended Manoj’s wedding. Film industry and political sources are gossiping about reason for Pawan growing a big beard. According to news from tollywood and political sources, Pawan is following an advice given to him by Viswayogi Viswamji of Guntur to grow beard. He reportedly asked Pawan to implement a 45 day deeksha, which requires beard not to be shaved. Director Trivikram is said to be a follower of Viswamji and Pawan klayna had known Viswamji through him, say sources. Way back, during the time when Attharintiki Daredi was released, Viswamji did a homam for Trivikram Srinivas at his residence. Under the context of such news being heard, film and political sectors are anxious to see why Pawan grew beard and to fulfil what wishes he is doing this.

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