02/22/16 12:20 PM

Pawan Kalyan & Producer Argue over Heroine


A serious argument took place between powerstar Pawan kalyan and Sardaar producer Sharrath Marar over a heroine. Convincing Pawan Kalyan had been a Herculean task for the producer. It is known that Anisha Ambrose was initially chosen as the lead actress opposite powerstar in Sardaar Gabbar SIngh. But once shoot started, the crew felt that Anisha Ambrose does not pair up well with Pawan. With the suggestion of director Bobby, producer Sharrath Marar approached powerstar with the proposal of replacing Anisha with another heroine. But Pawan kalyan was against the idea and said that it is not right to do so to an actress. He clearly told them that it cannot be done.
The problem was that Anisha Ambrose does not fit opposite Pawan Kalyan. If chemistry between hero and heroine does not go well, it will affect the entire film. So, eventhough Pawan Kalyan was very firm on his decision, Sharrath Marar succeeded in replacing the heroine after repeated explanations to powerstar. That was how the producer roped in Kajal Aggarwal in the place of Anisha Ambrose for Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Unit of Sardaar says that it is only because of Sharath Marar that the heroine has been replaced and that if it was someone else, they would not even have dared to speak once again in front of Pawan Kalyan. However, the crew says that Pawan Kalyan and Kajal Aggarwal ‘s pair is awesome.



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