04/14/15 11:24 AM

Pawan Kalyan Ready To Fight Against Chandrababu Naidu


Land acquisition for state capital seems to widen the gap between TDP government and Pawan Kalyan. Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan earlier spoke on behalf of farmers asking TDP to acquire lands from farmers only if they are willing to give it away. He said that no farmer is to be forced on the issue. Recently Pawan Kalyan warned TDP government for the reason being AP govt  informing high court that they would be imposing ‘Land Acquisition Act’ on farmers who refuse to give their lands for construction of A.P state capital.

“According to media reports, Andhra Pradesh government has informed to High Court that they are going to impose Land Acquisition Act on those farmers who refused to give their land for construction of Capital. In that case, I’m ready to fight on behalf of farmers against Andhra Pradesh government” tweeted Pawan Kalyan.

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