02/8/16 10:32 AM

Pawan Kalyan Requests TDP Government


The recent big discussion about Kapu Gharjana has worried many in the two Telugu states. The incident that happened in Tuni is unfortunate and the government should take the responsibility to see that they avoid such things from happening in future. Meanwhile, it has to be noted that the issue is very sensitive and is to be solved in a smoother manner. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan who is the founder and chief of Janasena political party is also looking into it in a serious manner. He held a press meet soon after the incident happened and requested the government to solve the issue as soon as possible. Now, Pawan is back again with his piece of advice to TDP which he posted on Twitter. “I request TDP govt to engage in direct talks with the Kapu Leaders spearheading the on going Reservation issue,which was an election-promise originally made by the TDP. A group of balanced intellectuals should be entrusted with the responsibility of finding a mutually acceptable solution before it juggernauts into an uncontainable situation.” Pawan Kalyan posted on Twitter.



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