03/17/16 11:30 AM

Pawan Kalyan Serious Class to Shakalaka Shankar


Shakalaka Shankar is the comedian who was shot to fame with Jabardasth show that is telecast on ETV. He is emerging as one of the most popular comedians in Tollywood. Shakalaka Shankar who is a diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan treats him as God and also played several skits on Pawan in Jabardasth. Sources say that the comedian was reprimanded by powerstar recently. Going into detail, it is known that Shakalaka Shankar is a part of powerstar Pawan Kalyan ‘s upcoming project Sardaar Gabbar Singh. The actor is reportedly being late to the shoot of the film regularly. Also he is arguing with co-director every now and then. As this went to the notice of Pawan Kalyan, he gave a serious class to Shankar, insisting him to be present for the shoot on time and that he should co-operate with the co-director as long as shot comes out well. Also Pawan told him that he should watch his behavior if he wants to grow in career. Sardaar Gabbar Singh unit says that Shakalaka Shankar is on track after Pawan spoke to him.



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