03/21/16 1:30 PM

Pawan Kalyan Serious Lecture to Ram Charan



Mega powerstar Ram Charan says that his uncle, powerstar Pawan Kalyan is the driving force behind him taking his career seriously and focusing on it. Cherry said that while he was roaming about aimlessly during college days, the lecture that Pawan Kalyan gave him has changed his life totally. Ram Charan who was the Chief Guest at annual day function of Mallareddy Engineering College in Maisammaguda on Saturday shared the inspirational turn of his life. “While pursuing degree, I was aimlessly loitering without any plans, like most other 20-year-old. One fine day, my mother took me to a room and locked me in there. My uncle Pawan Kalyan was present inside. He gave a lecture for one hour to me that day. He told me how hard my father Chiranjeevi strived to reach that position. My uncle told me that it would be meaningless if we did not utilize the platform that my father has given us. He taught me how hard I should work to keep up the standard. After this lecture, I got enough clarity and seriousness about life. I understood what I am supposed to do in future. Because of this reason, Pawan Kalyan is as much inspirational as my parents in my life,” he said. The mega powerstar mentioned that students must learn to concentrat on  their future and also have enjoyment during college days. Also the actor said that many are falling in love during college days and that the relationship should be within limits. He suggested students to get married after settling with career.



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