05/26/15 5:47 AM

Pawan Kalyan Targeted: Chandrababu Love @ Godavari Mission




Chandrababu Naidu is concerned only with the Godavari districts and is not taking care of others, said deputy CM of AP, KE Krishnamurthy. Chandrababu, who reacted on this said that it was the people of Godavari districts who voted for him and it is his duty to serve them and develop the regions. Only when I develop these regions, people belonging to other districts who did not vote for me will get to know the value, said the CM of AP. Chandrababu is actually not taking care of those districts where majority of people voted for YCP. He has not announced a single project in Prakasam district where there are many vacant lands. The CM is not showing interest in Nellore district and Kadapa, Kurnool districts of Rayalaseema.

The reason for Chandrababu Naidu’s love for Godavari districts is not only the past elections but also the uses in future politics, say some. In these two districts, majority of the people belong to the Kshatriya and Kapu community. Kshatriyas are slightly inclined towards BJP, Kapus were earlier in support of Prajarajyam party but now on the side of Pawan Kalyan’s Jana sena party. It was due to Pawan’s publicity for TDP that Chandrababu gained votes in last election. It was due to the BJP factor that TDP was able to gain Kshatriya votes as well.

Pawan Kalyan’s mood during the next election is unanticipated. Though we are all aware that Pawan is not totally on TDP’s side, we could not estimate to what extent he would support TDP. Will he contest in election by himself? Or will he support TDP? Coming to BJP, will the party grant special status to Andhra Pradesh and favor the state by providing tax incentives? Will it exist in AP by the time next election arrives? These questions have no straight answers for now. In such a scenario, Chandrababu is favoring the Godavari districts. Whether Pawan Kalyan supports TDP or not and BJP helps the party or not, Chandrababu is trying to root TDP totally in the two districts. He is sketching plans so that the Kapus cast their votes for TDP even without the support of Pawan. Snatching votes of people belonging to Kapu community from Pawan Kalyan is the target of Chandrababu Naidu’s Love@Godavari mission.



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