05/1/15 7:08 AM

Pawan Kalyan’s fan Cycles 1500 km to Meet Him



Sky is the limit for admiration. Fans would take any hardship willingly for their favorite stars as we are aware of the craze that they have among public. Fans are very excited about meeting their favorite heroes, which sometimes leads to adventures and setting records. A fan did something like that to meet powerstar Pawan Kalyan. His name is Ravi, a resident of Ghorakhpur. Going into detail…



Ravi who resides in Ghorakhpur of West Bengal adores Pawan Kalyan a lot. He chose a difficult path to meet powerstar unlike others who meet their favorite stars. He travelled all the way from Bengal to Hyderabad through a distance of 1,500 km by a ‘cycle’. Ravi who started his cycle tour on 3rd april in Ghorakhpur reached Hyderabad yesterday. He reached Janasena party office where he met the powerstar.


On seeing Pawan Kalyan, Ravi’s eyes were filled with happiness. That sight made all the struggle he faced in the journey. Pawan also rejoiced upon seeing a fan who travelled so long just to meet him. He welcomed Ravi and greeted him warmly. Pawan Kalyan asked Ravi’s how-abouts and details of his long trip. Both spoke to each other for some time. Ravi expressed his happiness about fulfilling his dream of meeting Pawan Kalyan that lasted since many years.



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