01/23/17 10:29 AM

Pawan’s Music Album Desh Bachao Releasing Tomorrow


Congress Hatao Desh Bachao is the slogan given by Pawan Kalyan during the elections happened last time. Now, he is also supporting for the protests demanding the special status for Andhra Pradesh state which are being carried out by Youth. Already Pawan Kalyan is planning his own strategy to attain the special status for Andhra Pradesh state. Now, Pawan Kalyan revealed that he will be releasing a musical protest album in support to all these protests.

Pawan Kalyan said that he is going to release the album tomorrow. Titled Desh Bachao, the music album was actually supposed to release in February first week but in view of the latest protests, Pawan is releasing it soon.

“JanaSena raises its ‘Voice against Opportunistic, Divisive & Criminal Politics; through a Protest Musical album. Desh Bachao. I had planned a Musical protest album Desh Bachao to be released on 5th Feb but will prepone its release to 24th Jan.” tweeted Pawan Kalyan revealing the details about the release of the music album Desh Bachao.

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