People’s bridge…This comes as a slap in the face to politicians who pass time without fulfilling promises that they make. Going into detail…

Alika and Panihari are two villages in Sirsa district of Haryana. River Ghaggar separated these two and other neighboring villages from town. 1 lakh 20 thousand people living in those villages had to go round 30 km to reach town. Farmers also had to travel that long to sell their vegetables in market. In order to make it easy, those villages needed a bridge across Gaggar River.

People asked their leaders and politicians to get it done. They requested many to get a bridge constructed for them so that they need not have to travel that long every time. One year..five years…ten years…as many as thirty years passed put none showed any concern to solve their problem. Politicians and officials kept on assuring them but none implemented.

Fed up with government’s apathy, people who lost patience made a strong decision. They decided to construct a bridge all by themselves. As soon as the decision was made, a daily wage labourer donated Rs.500 from his part. Next, a widow contributed Rs.1,000 from her pension. People in all villages donated however much each of them can and got construction work started after hiring a contractor of their choice. Finally, with an expenditure of Rs.1 cr, they got a bridge 214 feet long and 16 feet wide ready to cross the river and reach town from their villages. It was all through people’s money. Hence, it is People’s Bridge.

Construction is complete and it was time for opening of the bridge. The question then was who to invite to inaugurate the bridge. That was when they all decided to make the daily wage labourer and widow who made first and second contributions to the bridge. This is not the end. They came up with a hard-hitting idea as an answer to all those politicians and leaders who dragged the matter without constructing a bridge for them. They vowed that no politician has entry on to the bridge. salutes to people of Alika and Panihari villages.

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