05/21/15 12:29 PM

Person Jailed by IAS Officer for Doing his Duty




Generally a person goes to jail if he does something against law. But will a person also be jailed for properly doing his duty? Ofcourse it is possible… as long as there are arrogant, bossy IAS and IPS officers who misuse their power. People will go to jail even without committing a mistake, as long as such officers prevail. Viswanath Yadav was a gardener at Pandit Govind Vallabh Panth park, managed by Gorakhpur Development Authority. He was on duty on Tuesday and was cutting some overgrown grass in the park. An IAS officer Neha Prakash who was practicing yoga in the same park told Yadav that she is allergic to dust and asked him to stop his work for a while. Yadav left his work aside for some time and after about half an hour, restarted it. That was when aggressed officer Neha filed Disturbing Public Peace complaint against him under section 151 and booked a case. Following this, the officers of Cant police station arrested Yadav on evening on Tuesday.




Neha Prakash, a 2012 batch IAS officer hails from Patna. She graduated from the Indian Institute of Management(IIM) in Lucknow. Her husband, Vaibhav Srivastava is an IAS posted as District Magistrate (DM) in the Mau district.


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