06/29/15 5:30 AM

Pervert Leader Ties Knot to 6 Year Old Girl

A leader, a people’s representative who is supposed to be an inspiration to others has indulged in a shameful act. He tied knot to a 6 year old girl who is meant to enjoy her childhood studying and playing with other children. He ruined the life of that little girl who was not even aware of what was happening. This incident came into light lately. Going into detail..




Ratan Jhat, a people’s representative in Gangrar Panchayat of Chattisgarh, Rajasthan has wedded a girl who is 6 years old. The child’s parents voluntarily hosted the event. The incident took place secretly in a Pandoli village last week. It came into light only after a photograph clicked at the wedding went viral over whatsapp. As it reached the notice of the district’s collector Ved Prakash, he immediately ordered S.P Prasanna Kumar to start investigating the matter.

S.P mentioned that Ratan Jhat along with his relatives, the girl and her parents, flee from the village. He said that FIR has been filed against Ratan Jhat and all those who were involved in the happening of minor wedding. The S.P said that Ratan Jhat was recently elected as a representative of Gangrar Panchayat and that the police will soon arrest him.



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