09/8/15 10:41 AM

Phones of Our MPs are Tapped: AAP


Phone tapping fever seems to have spread to Delhi as well. Aam Admi Party (AAP) recently alleged that phones of its MPs are being tapped by ruling party BJP. AAP spokesperson Deepak Bajpai alleged that leaking of conversation between AAP MPs Bhagawant Singh and Dharam Veer Gandhi says that their phones are tapped. He said that there should be an inquiry on the issue and asked the two MPs to give a written complaint to speaker.




In the leaked conversation of Bhagawant Mann and Dharam Veer, the two spoke that they did not win because of AAP and it is their own celebrity status. Their audio tape came out on internet as a shocker. When Dharam Veer spoke to Bhagawant, he expressed displeasure over the leadership of AAP. Bhagawant clearly said that they had won because of their status and not due to the broom symbol of AAP. The conversation was reportedly recorded in February just a day before Arvind Kejriwal could pledge as the CM of Delhi. Hwever, Bhagawant Mann said that the content of the conversation is not of prominence. It is known that the other MP Gandhi was already suspended from the party.



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