04/28/15 5:12 AM

Pink Meet in Hyderabad Blossomed. But….!


KCR has set record with his ability to manage huge crowds. He is well versed with equalizing numerous people at once. When he was in opposition itself, when KCR went protesting in places like Warangal, Karimnagar, Suryapet he set up meetings with 10 to 20 lakh persons. He has political power in own hands at this moment, which made Parade grounds turn to a pink rose garden. This first plenary in the Telangana state has been a grand success. It was not only the parade grounds but also the roads that lead to the grounds were crowded with people on their way to attend the meeting. But KCR’s speech failed to impress. He had a lot to talk about when he was not given power. but now after achieving what he wanted and after serving as the CM of Telangana for 10 months, he has got nothing much to convey to people!

In the 33 minute speech delivered by KCR in which he abused Chandrababu Naidu and TDP as usual, there was no fire in his words (May be we should not expect it). Being a good speaker, KCR was able to speak atleast to that extent. KCR is a clever politician. So he realized it is high time to put words in actions. He himself announced that people will witness his actions hereafter. The TRS meeting has been crucial for activating party members, to display KCR’s caliber which would help him win in upcoming Hyderabad elections, for those who offer flex and poster printing services, for tent house business persons. But the meeting was in no way useful for common people.

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