05/11/15 11:28 AM

Plastic Baby born in Amritsar




A rare incident took place in Amritsar in which a woman gave birth to plastic-like baby. A strange kid was born to a woman belonging to Raja Sansi of Amritsar at Gurunanak Dev Medical College. To everyone’s surprise, the baby resembles a rubber toy.

The baby’s lips and face are red in color but her skin has scales over it like fish’s skin. This kind of a baby in medical terminology is called ‘Collodian Baby’. Dr. Pannu said that one in 6 lakh kids will be born a Collodian baby. It is a result of genetic disorder. The baby is not even in a position to be feb by the mother and is crying when touched, said the doctor.

Dr. RS Bedhi on the other hand said that he had treated na baby with such disorder in past. When their skin flakes off, they experience worst pain that they could not even close their eyes. He explained that they will be highly affected by infections, Hypodermia, dehydration. A collodian baby girl was born earlier in 2014 to a woman in Amritsar but died 3 days after birth.

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