07/28/15 10:38 AM

Police Arrest Amit Singh Who Murdered Sisters

amit singh

amit singh


A person named Amit Singh who killed two sisters in Chaitanyapuri in Hyderabad was finally arrested by police. After tracing the criminal with the help of network signals, police took him into custody in Gujarat this morning. It is known that 4 teams conducted searches to get hold of the man. Police officers found that Amit Singh went to Uppal after killing the sisters. They traced his last phone call on the path between LB Nagar and Uppal, after which they searched those areas. Later when they again traced the signal, Amith Singh was found to be in Gujarat. They reached the spot and arrested him. Amit Singh entered the house of Sri Lekha and Yamini in Chaitanyapuri when no one else was home and brutally murdered the sisters. The two girls who were severely injured during the attack did not survive.



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