01/9/16 1:12 PM

Population of Hyderabad Nears 1 crore


The population of Hyderabad which is developing at a fast pace as a global city is nearing 1 crore. Since there are huge number of options available in education, medical services, infrastructure, IT, BPO, KPO and there is vast scope for employment and industries, people from various regions are migrating to Bhagyanagar Hyderabad. This is leading to a rise in population since six decades.

In 1951, the population of Hyderabad was 10.83 lakhs. In 2011, it was 78 lakhs and officials estimate that it might have reached 1 crore mark by 2015. When compared to other metros in India, Hyderabad occupies sixth position. Delhi occupies first position with 4.60crore population. Next is Mumbai with 2.07 crore population, Kolkata stands third with 1.46 crore, Chennai is fourth with 89.17 lakhs and Bengaluru is fifth with 87.28 lakh population. Hyderabad stands sixth with 78 lakh population. The number is now nearing 1 crore.



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