11/6/15 11:39 AM

Post Mortem Reports of Sarika & 3 Children Arrive

sarika-rajaiah daughter in law post mortem reports

sarika-rajaiah daughter in law post mortem reports


Post mortem reports of Warangal’s former MP Siricilla Rajaiah’s daughter-in-law Sarika and her three children have arrived. Reports have been handed over to police officials by doctors of M.G.M Hospital. It has been mentioned in the reports that all four of them died due to fire and that their bones were found broken due to intensity of fire, said Dr.Nagamohan addressing media. There were no signs of they being burnt by someone, since they were on fire for a long time, they respiratory tracts were filled with smoke, he said. Nagamohan mentioned that samples have been collected from their bodies and sent to Hyderabad.



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