02/26/16 11:00 AM

Prabhas as Prataparudhrudu

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Since Rudramadevi is a super hit film, Gunasekhar already planned a sequel for his next film Prathaparudrudu. This Prathaparudrudu will be the continuation of Rudhramadevi. Director Gunasekhar who made ‘Rudramadevi’ with Anushka in lead role is now on the mission to begin this second part of the film. The pre production works of the film have started recently. Rudhramadevi movie collected over Rs 50 Cr worldwide. And this filled a lot of confidence in the director. So he believes that he could easily bring in finances for the sequel for this movie if he is able to rope in a big hero. And DIl Raju clearly revealed that he would venture the sequel if Gunasekhar is okay with it. This second part of Rudhramadevi will completely focus on king Pratap Rudra, the last Kakatiya king who ruled the empire of Kakatiya in South India. According to the industry buzz, Gunasekhar is planning to rope in Prabhas for this movie. Since Prabhas is now a big star nationwide, Gunasekhar feels the movie would also become a crazy project which attracts everyone in the nation.



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