07/8/15 5:33 AM

Prabhas Books 1200 Baahubali Tickets for Release Date


Young rebel star Prabhas and Rana Daggubati booked Baahubali tickets for the release date in Hyderabad on a large scale. Prabhas booked around 1200 tickets in various theatres in Hyderabad for his friends, acquaintances, family members and staff. Rana booked recliner seats in almost all of the multiplexes in the city. Multiplex managements do not generally allot tickets in such huge bulks but as the two heroes specially requested, they have put their rules aside and sold tickets to them. They gave away as many tickets that Prabhas and Rana wanted. The two striking actors together booked about 2000 tickets for Baahubali in Hyderabad. Many other biggies, corporate companies have also booked Baahubali tickets in bulks using their prestige. Since most of the tickets for Baahubali are already booked, it would not be so easy for fans to get tickets and watch the movie on release date.




Baahubali tickets are on high demand as those who had not watched in recent past are also interested in watching the movie along with fans and movie-lovers. Under this context, it is observed that single movie theatre managements are trying to make money by selling black tickets.



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