03/17/16 10:21 AM

Prabhas Brother to be Jailed


Rebel star Krishnam Raju ‘s brother ie., hero Prabhas ‘s father has two sons. While Prabhas is the younger son, his elder brother is Prabhodh. Here comes a shocker for Prabhodh. Rajendra Nagar court has sentenced him to jail and fined him in a check bounce case. Prabhodh has issued a cheque of Rs. 43 lakhs to a businessman in Hyderabad. As the cheque bounced, the person lodged complaint with police.

Police have immediately filed 420 case against Prabhas ‘s brother and court imposed imprisonment for one year along with a fine of Rs. 80 lakhs. Court warned Prabhodh that in case the fine amount is not paid within two months, the period in jail will be extended. Prabhas is now a hero with craze at national level. His elder brother entangling in such a situation at this time has become a hot topic in film industry. It is observed that Prabhodh is trying to appeal to court and settle down matters outside.



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