07/16/15 8:34 AM

Prabhas Got Rs.65 Crore: RGV Tweets

What remuneration was Prabhas offered for Baahubali for which he spent 2 years? Not accepting any other offer during the two year span after super hit film Mirchi and putting in all efforts for Baahubali, Prabhas was earlier told to have been awarded Tamil rights as remuneration. As Prabhas’s companions UV Creations purchased tamil rights for Baahubali along with Gnanavel, the news was believed to be true. It was estimated that Prabhas might have received remuneration if Rs. 30 crore all together. Sensational director RGV recently tweeted that Prabhas got remuneration of Rs.65 crore. Ram Gopal varma said that Prabhas received Rs.65 crores remuneration, international reputation, a super hit film for his two years efforts. If RGV’s tweet is authentic, Prabhas will be the first ever hero in South to be offered such huge remuneration. Those who criticized Prabhas that he spent two years on Baahubali just because of his trust in Rajamouli will not even be able to utter a word after hearing this.





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