07/25/15 10:26 AM

Prabhas Replaced with Nithin in Sujeeth’s Film


Prabhas gave commitment to do a film with Director Sujeeth after the release of Baahubali The Beginning. Since Rajamouli took away Prabhas’s date till april next year for the shoot of Baahubali The Conclusion, the young rebel star informed Sujeeth that he would not be able to work with on the discussed project. Rajamouli’s plan actually was to release Baahubali part-1 in the month of May and start shooting Baahubali part-2 in September. Keeping this in mind, Prabhas committed to do a film with Run Raja Run fame Sujeeth under UV Creations production during the gap. But due to unexpected consequences, release of Baahubali The Beginning was postponed by 2 month and was released on 10th july. So, as Prabhas has no time now, he made clear that he could not do the project now.




So, Sujeeth who actually planned his project with Prabhas has now chosen Nithin to replace him. Actor Nithin also nodded to it, say sources. Nithin recently committed to do a film with Trivikram Srinivas. Nithin is thinking of offering his dates to Sujeeth once he is done with scheduling his dates for Trivikram’s project. Nithin also committed to do a film with debut director Mallidi Venu, say sources.


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