10/14/15 12:31 PM

Prabhas To Get Married in 2017




Young rebel star has escaped marriage this year as well. Prabhas wuld probably get married in 2017 ie., after one and a half year. The star hero promised his family members earlier that he will tie the knot soon after release of Baahubali. With this, they decided to search for a bride and get him hitched. But the Baahubali failed to kepp up his promise. According to news from very close associates of Prabhas, the actor is not getting married this year. Since Bhaahubali is a tremendous hot all over India, the hero told his family members that he got to be very responsible about Baahubali-2 and would be allotting next year totally for delivering extraordinary performance in the film. Prabhas told his family that if he gets married at this point of time, he could not spend much time with his wife, which would be inconvenient to them both. So, the young rebel star promised his family members that he will definitely get married in 2017, after completion of Baahubali part-2.



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