04/27/16 1:00 PM

Summer Heat Wave – Precautions


Torrid summer has arrived. Heat wave is intense in both the Telugu states. The heat in March is like never before in past ten years. Very high temperatures are being recorded. Even after 5 PM in the evening, the heat is on. People are unable to tolerate these temperatures. According to reports, as many as 24 persons died due to the hot climate in the Telugu states. Doctors are suggesting that everyone should be careful and take proper measures to withstand the heat. Infants and elderly persons must especially be taken care of. Here are some precautions to withstand heat wave and avoid sunstroke and dehydration.

*It must be seen that atmosphere in house is not hot.

*Prefer to stay in cool places as much as possible.

*Carry water bottle whenever you are going out.

*Drink atleast 4 litres of water daily.

*Do not go outside between 12 noon to 4:00 PM unless it is very necessary.

*Wear sunglasses, cap or umbrella whenever you go outside.

*Helmet and gloves are compulsory for those who travel by two-wheelers.

*Wear loose dresses rather than fit ones.

*Do not allow the kids play outside when it is sunny.

*See that food which you consume contains salt and nutrients.

*Avoid junk food.

*Kids should bathe twice a day.

*Avoid cool drinks and foods that contain added preservatives.

*Stay away from drinks mixed in ice outside.

*Children should consume excess of fruit juices and buttermilk with salt.

*Children should be fed more of green gram, carrot and green leafy vegetables.

*Cucumber, pumpkin and snake gourd should be consumed more.

*Stay away from foods like samosa, chips etc.

*Avoid pani poori, cutlets etc.

*Excessive drinking of coffee, alcohol and smoking should be stopped.

*Consuming soaked sweet basil seeds is helpful.

*Drink lots of lime water and coconut water.



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