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Prevent Suicide: Reach Out and Save Lives!


Suicide.. Leaving loved ones, killing oneself abruptly; ending one’s own life when in despair and pain.. This is what suicide is. Elders termed suicide as an unforgivable sin, Dharma says suicide is way more immoral than killing a cow and contemporary world labelled suicide as that what cowards opt for. The number of those people killing themselves, being unable to cope with pain due to consequences rising from thousands to hundreds is distressing.




When dreams collapse..hope is lost..life becomes a burden..bitter taste of life intimidates one to relieve himself from the intense pain that is beyond his limits, many are bidding farewell to their valuable lives. Many others are throwing their own body as a weapon on being intolerant to prejudice, when they feel they are worthless for their people. The number of people killing themselves has been increasing rapidly.

As per statistical reports, ten lakh people around the world are committing suicide per year, which means, 1 person is taking his life every 40 seconds. On the other hand, the number of people with failed suicide attempts is 20 times the number of people killing themselves. This means, once in every 3 seconds, a person on earth is trying to commit suicide. Most people attempting suicide in the world lying in the age boundaries of 15 and 24 years and this is upsetting.

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