05/5/15 2:59 PM

Prince Mahesh Babu to Turn Producer


Prince Mahesh Babu is following father’s footsteps towards production. Superstar Krishna set records in 70s, 80s when he started own production house under the name Padmalaya Studios, delivering wonderful films simultaneously while acting in many superhit films. Mahesh Babu also is following the same path as his father as he is making arrangements to start own production house under the banner name ‘Gowtham Productions’.

Reliable associate sources of Mahesh Babu say that though Mahesh had the intention of putting up a production house of his own since long time, it was delayed all these days. On 31st may, on the occasion of father superstar Krishna’s birthday, Mahesh and Namrata are planning to launch the banner. Films will be produced under this banner as per the taste of Mahesh-Namrata.


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