07/15/15 11:06 AM

Priyamani Reveals Her Love Relationship


Actor Priyamani finally revealed about her love. The South Indian actress had been saying that she is in relationship and will reveal details when the right time arrives. “His name is Mustafa, the most famous event manager in Mumbai. I got to know him during Celebrity Cricket League and we later fell in love, I proposed love to him and he accepted after a few days”, said Priyamani about her love relationship and boyfriend. The Tamil beauty revealed another interesting news.




“We are soon getting married. Both our families have accepted our love”, Priyamani said. The actress told that her lover Mustafa was the reason for not revealing her love story all these days. He being a shy person asked Priyamani to keep the matter a secret but she said that he now agreed to making the matter public, she clarified. Priyamani posted a selfie with her boyfriend Mustafa over social media and introduced him to fans. So, Priyamani and Mustafa will soon tie the knot.



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