03/18/16 4:30 PM

Priyanka Gandhi as Congress Candidate for UP?


When asked what Narendra Modi ‘s strength is, one can spontaneously say that it is having an opponent like Rahul Gandhi. With his confusing speeches and body language that implies that he is disinterested in politics, Rahul Gandhi posed no strong competition to Modi. He will soon be 50 but Rahul is more popular as an Amul Baby on social media. Though Congress leaders are very much aware that the party would not progress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, they could not open up in front of Sonia Gandhi. So, they cleverly bring Priyanka Gandhi ‘s name into picture. By asking Sonia to rope in Priyanka, they indirectly convey to her that Rahul has not much matter in him.

Congress leaders are once again discussing Priyanka Gandhi ‘s name. The leaders of Rai Bareli constituency headed by Sonia Gandhi are demanding that Priyanka should be announced as Congress party ‘s CM candidate for UP. They say that there is more scope for Congress party to be back in form in UP if it is Priyanka. There are more chances that Congress chief will respond positively to their demand. If BJP announces Smriti Irani as their candidate, Congress party would announce Priyanka Gandhi. It will be a new glamorous woman-to-woman fight between BJP and Congress.



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