02/10/16 10:21 AM

Puri Jagannadh ‘s Son to Work with Him

Puri Jagannath, Akash at Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Working stills

Sensational director Puri Jagannadh has recently sacked most of his staff members. It takes time for him to make the new team habituated to him and function properly. Now, in order to get complete assistance from someone who knows him well, Puri Jagannadh roped in his son Akash Jagannadh as an assistant director for his next film titled Rogue. Puri Jagan ‘s son Akash always dreamt of becoming an actor and he is also interested in direction. Finally, Puri convinced his son to take up the new job. Akash is already working on the sets of his father ‘s ongoing film, Rogue, and learning the tricks of the trade. Meanwhile, Akash also signed a new film as an actor. He is going to manage both at the same time. Akash Jagan has acted in many films as a child artist and made a teenage debut with the film Andhra Pori last year. The film was directed by Raj Madiraju and produced by Prasad Productions. Andhra Pori did not do well but Akash is trying to meet the audiences with an interesting film.



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