11/28/15 1:20 PM

Puri Jagganadh Supports Aamir Khan!




Popular Tollywood director Puri Jagannadh stood in support of Aamir Khan, who made outrageous comments on intolerance in India. The tweets Puri made have been attached below.



Let us consider Puri’s supporting comments for Aamir Khan. It would not be given much importance if ISIS or Al-Qaeeda made such comments because that is what they do. ‘We do not have security in India, Hindus in India dominate us, Muslims are not treated fairly’ is what the terror groups say and attract Muslim youth to join them. Persons who could not understand what is true and what is not join these terror groups. Military, police, anti-terrorist squads are all working on eliminating them. What do common Indian public have to do with them!

But this is not the case with Aamir. Numerous Indians admire him. They feel he is a family member. So, when such a person spoke like an anti-social element, public were hurt. Saying that intolerance is rising in the country is different from saying that his wife said their family leaves the country. The first one is freedom of expression but the second is rebellion. Do you know how terror groups would make use of Aamir’s words? They say ‘Aamir Khan’s family has no security in India. How can we expect commoners like us to be safe in the country? Since Aamir is well to do, he can move to another country. Where would we go? We should fight for our rights and start a Jihad’. Those who do not usually be affected by these groups will give it a thought this time since Aamir Khan himself made such comments. This will have adverse effects. This is the reason people reacted harshly to Aamir’s comments on intolerance.



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