07/22/15 11:27 AM

Pushkara Jyothi at the End of Maha Pushkaram: AP Cabinet




The AP cabinet of ministers took some decisions during the four-hour-meet held today. They gave a call that lights should be lit in every house on the last day of Godavari maha pushkaram and the light has been named Pushkara Jyothi. Also the cabinet decided to felicitate those who worked under various departments for the Pushkaram. The attack on Musunuru Tahshildar Vanajakshi made an important topic in the meeting and it was decided that mistake lies on the side of Vanajakshi and not on MLA Chintamaneni prabhakar. Cabinet opined that Vanajakshi went beyond limits while questioning the sand mining incident. They paid tributes to the people who died inn stampede at the Godavari River. Fake pass books scam in Anantapur was also discussed in the meeting and they decided to order probe on it. The cabinet approved AP capital master plan submitted by Singapore team. Also cabinet decided to arrange sub-departments to involve and monitor construction of buildings and completion of constructing right canal of Polavaram by 15th august.



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