06/27/15 9:45 AM

Python Dies After Swallowing Porcupine

A huge python swallowed a porcupine at once and died being unable to digest it. The incident took place in South Africa. Going into detail…




In a private game park in Lake Eland Reserve in South Africa, a 3.9 meter long python swallowed a 13.8 kg porcupine. Though the python was able to swallow the animal full of spines, it was unable to digest the porcupine. The python suffered as the spines poked it inside its stomach. The python finally died after a lot of suffering. The incident took place in South Africa on last Thursday but came into light yesterday ie., 6 days after happening.




Manager of private game park, Jennifer Fuller revealed about death of python. He said that they, like the visitor, thought that the python was asleep after consuming food. He said that the porcupine was extracted from its stomach after the python was declared dead. Fuller mentioned that pythons generally do not prey on porcupines.





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