06/11/15 7:20 AM

R Narayana Murthy Attacked with Knife by Cameraman



Tollywood’s famous filmmaker who makes revolutionary films was attacked with knife by a cameraman. Going into detail of the incident that recently came into light… R.Narayana Murthy was attacked by a person about 15 days ago, and the person was a cameraman, say sources. Narayana Murthy is producing film titled Bonala Pothuraju being directed by Allani Sridhar. For the movie, initially a photographer had been chosen but another cameraman replaced him due to some reasons. The first cameraman who was aggressive questioned Narayanamurthy how he could do this and reportedly attacked him with a knife near Green Bawarchi restaurant in Srinagar Colony. It is heard that the producer’s abdomen and leg were injured in the incident, after which Narayana Murthy without caring about the wounds, lifted a rock that was nearby and counter attacked the cameraman. The cameraman had run away from the location immediately. Though the incident came to the notice of seniors in film industry several days after it happened, they are looking into details about the health conditions of Narayana Murthy.



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