06/17/15 8:32 AM

Raccoon Takes Ride on Crocodile’s Back!

A crocodile scares not only humans but also huge beasts. But a tiny raccoon has got enough courage to take ride on a crocodile’s back. The shocking scene was captured in a forest in Florida of America. Going into detail…




A photographer named Richard Jones visited Ocala National Forest Park along with his family. While walking along the Oaklawaha river in the forest, Richard said that he witnessed the scene. A raccoon mounted the back of a crocodile which swam across the river. The raccoon resembled a groom atop a horse’s back at the time of his wedding while it stood on the back of the crocodile. Richard, without giving it a moment, captured the picture and posted it over social media later. The rare picture was shared by thousands of people over the internet and thus the picture of raccoon riding on a crocodile has gone viral.





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