08/11/15 11:02 AM

Radhe Maa Leads to Death of Family

Radhe maa

Radhe maa


A fresh complaint has been filed against spiritual leader Radhe Maa. A man named Ramesh Joshi accused Radhe Maa for being responsible for death of 7 members of a family in Gujarat. A family belonging to Kutch region in Gujarat who believed Radhe Maa’s words gave away all their property to her as she promised wealth and wellness for their family. Since the family did not observe any changes as mentioned by Radhe Maa, they forcibly committed suicide, he said in the complaint. It is known that a complaint was already filed against Radhe Maa by a 32-year-old woman who accused the Sanyasini for pressurized her in-laws to demand her for dowry. The glory of Radha Maa who announced herself as a Goddess and later got caught in mini-skirts in inappropriate poses is well-known all over the country.



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