09/9/15 5:28 AM

Radhe Maa Runs Sex Racket: Model Arshi Khan


Self-proclaimed God Woman Radhe Maa is entangled with controversies as days pass by. She is already facing accusation allegations in various harassment cases and a new case of sexual act has been added to them. Modela and actress Arshi Khan alleged that Radhe Maa runs sex racket and also tried to force Arshi into it. She said that Radhe Maa’s manager met her and asked her to be a part of their sex racket. The model said that she lodged a complaint against this with police on Saturday. Also she said that she is receiving threat calls since then.




Dolly Bindra who is also a Bollywood actress filed case against Radhe Maa as she allegedly showed obscene pictures to her and tried to pull her into sex racket. A case was filed when a priest complained that Radhe Maa threatened him saying that he will kill his two disciples. A case of encouragement for harassment of a woman on the pretext of dowry and a few more cases were filed on Radhe Maa. A lawyer Brahma Bhatta from Mumbai filed complaint against her saying that she is ruining the values and customs of their religion by appearing in mini-skirts. Arshi’s allegations against Radhe Maa have heated up the situation even more.



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