12/19/15 2:17 PM

Rado Watches,iPhones, Johnnie Walkers-Bribe to Voters

karnataka mlc elections rado watches johnnie walkers

Whenever there is an election, people are lured by parties with money or alcohol for attracting votes. But the bribe used for MLC elections in Karnataka is spellbinding. True! Rado watches, iPhones, laptops, Johnnie Walkers and other expensive items…These are being used as bribe to attract votes in Karnataka.

Election has been scheduled to take place on 27th December in Karnataka to fill in 25 vacant MLC positions. There are about 700 to 9500 voters in each constituency. Candidates who nominated for the MLC posts are spending money like water for attracting votes. For example, they are arranging lunch/dinner and activities at resorts for them. Also the candidates are giving away expensive items to public. While one candidate gave away a Rado watch, another one gave iPhone 5 to a voter. In Kodagu district which is famous for coffee cultivation, a candidate distributed costly Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky bottles. With this, the Karnataka election has turned an interesting affair.



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