03/16/16 4:16 PM

Raghava Lawrence – The God who Saved Many Lives


Audiences connect well with his dance rather than his action. The person who was a dancer and Chiranjeevi ‘s fan grew in career gradually with the encouragement of megastar, created a special mark for himself in the hearts of many. The person we are speaking about is Raghava Lawrence. He initially taught dance moves to star heroes like Chiranjeevi and others. Lawrence later turned a director, starred as hero, appeared in side characters, important characters, thus proving himself in the film industry.

With the horror series of Kanchana, he left everyone dumbstruck with huge collections. Raghava Lawrence stunned by making gross of nearly 50 – 60 crore with a film that has a very few star cast, limited technical team and a heroine like Taapsee. Lawrence has been motivating many children, youth through various dance schools. Lawrence has got great humanity hidden inside. Who would not be shocked to know that Lawrence funded for open heart surgery of 128 persons?

Since Lawrence was brought up among common people and slowly emerged a star and a super director, he knows well the suffering of commoners. He is supporting surgeries because he knows their situation well. We live in the world which thinks of how to make 10 times the money that one has in hand. Contrary to this, Lawrence has been saving lives with the money he has, leaving everyone in the awe of his good deeds. He strongly believes that God has given us this life to serve others.

Lawrence, without even sharing his thoughts with fans, is carrying out the work he wants to do. In present day scenario, people exhibit whatever they do. They share with everyone even if they provide a small medicine to someone but Lawrence kept it low that he aided 128 lives by supporting surgeries. He just looks like another form of God. Each surgery costs a minimum of Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs. This means Lawrence is spending crores of his money for people. There are a few categories of people. Trying to help others since they are well to do, giving away their all to others and sharing things that they do with others. But Lawrence, the God who saved many lives, seems to belong to a whole new category.



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