05/4/15 7:05 AM

Rahul Gandhi is Too…Sharp!



Rahul Gandhi was believed to have transformed after his 56 day international political training. Congress leaders were happy that Rahul who appeared like an amul baby earlier has been showing some aggressiveness in recent past. They were glad about his speeches at rally against land-acquisition and at Lok Sabha. But congress leaders recently facepalmed when Rahul Gandhi did something. What did he actually do…?

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi visited the Nepal embassy in Delhi on Friday to pay his tributes to victims of the earthquake. He had written his condolence message in the visitors’ book there. Generally, when any politician has to write any message, he jots it down immediately. They frame it up in their minds beforehand and write when they have to. Help of others or writing it down on a paper so that they could copy it… these kinds of action are not noticed in general. But Rahul Gandhi saved a note of the message that he wanted to give and copied it to the visitors’ book while he wrote at the embassy. It was of 8 lines. Not being able to remember atleast 8 lines of message and peeping into the phone about 8 times is all the indication of Rahul’s sharp brain. Rahul was not even able to memorise 8 lines of text. How could he handle a nation if by chance he is elected the PM?!

TV cameras quickly spotted the cellphone in front of him as he sat writing. Here are the visuals. Have a look..


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