04/21/15 1:53 AM

Rahul Gandhi’s Diamond Mine Adventure

Rahul Gandhi who had undergone 50 day political training abroad seems to have been benefited from it. Rahul, whose speech was never attractive and who always peeped into the script as if he was reading it out has shown great improvement in his diction at a rally held against land-acquisition by Modi’s government. Relating one of his experiences to the Land Acquisition Law implemented by BJP government, Rahul was spotted delivering enticing speech. What story did Rahul narrate?…

“I was shown a Diamond Mine when I visited Australia. 25% of world’s largest diamonds were extracted from that particular mine. When I asked officials who that huge mine originally belongs to and they do, they told that the land actually belongs to 300 families in total and I can see them the next morning. Before I could see them, my imagination was a group of people well-dressed, getting down costly cars but when I saw them, I was shocked to see that they looked like common men.When asked what they were doing then, officials told me that the Australian government that acquired their valuable lands provided employement to them as computer operators, machine operators, mechanics etc in the mines”.

“Modi’s government is adopting the same procedure. While your valuable lands are allotted to wealthy industrialists, you will be provided some small job. A bit of land that you have is as valuable to you as gold. Land value will be escalating in near future. Narendra Modi who had borrowed huge sum from top industrialists during the election is now trying to pay it back by giving your lands away to them”, said Rahul in an influential speech. Putting aside the facts and truths involved in it, it is purely a political speech. Modi won by motivating and triggering people. So, Rahul is trying to follow Modi’s steps. Countering Rahul and passing Land Acquisition Bill in Rajyasabha will now become a very tough task for Modi.

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