04/23/15 8:19 AM

Rahul Slams BJP Government at Parliament; ’Suit-Boot ki Sarkar’

Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi finally broke his deep-rooted silence and blasted Modi’s government in Lok Sabha. While opposition leaders thumped their desks and antagonize, Congress leaders cheered and emboldened Rahul, whose speech involved elements like humor, sarcasm and witticism. While discussing Land-Acquisition Bill, the young congress leader turned over NDA and Modi’s government saying they they have not fulfilled any of the promised commitments. “The government has weakened the farmers and then hit them with the axe of (land) ordinance,” he said. “Yours is a government of the rich who do not understand that the real power of the country lies with its farmers and labourers, and not with the industrialists”, said Rahul. In an indirect reference to the ‘name-striped’ suit that Narendra Modi has worn during US President Barack Obama’s visit t India in Jan 2015, the Congress vice-president said with utmost criticism that he would not talk about it as it was auctioned. He warned  Modi’s government that Congress party would have to counteract if they continue committing mistakes again and again.

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