04/18/15 11:20 AM

Where did Rahul Spend his 8-Week Holiday?… KORADA ‘Exclusive’!

Rahul Gandhi is one of the most trolled persons by youth in India. He hails from a legendary family that ruled India for quite a long time. He was the one who sacrificed the chance to be Prime Minister of India. There are no traces of a ood political leader in any inch of Rahul Gandhi. His lectures/ speech is ineffective with no depth of matter and lacks clarity. When observed closely, Rahul seems like he is following the path given by someone and as if he is reciting speech penned down by someone else. Being an MP in past 10 years, there is no proper incident where he gave a recordedly convincing and energetic speech. Even after  the downfall of congress party following a rule of 10 years, Rahul Gandhi nowhere seems to be ditressed. He looks as if he is totally uninterested in politics.


Under this context, just before the parliamentary budget could be announced, news that Rahul took leave for seven days and went on a holiday has created turbulence. Gossips that Rahul Gandhi has gone on a holiday to enjoy with friends were heard. Many people, including congress party leaders commented that an unaccountable person like this should never be handed over the responsibilities of a nation. Digvijay Singh who is always on the same page as Sonia also was annoyed with the incident.


Rahul, after a long gap of 8 weeks stepped in Delhi whereas his trip details were kept confidential. As per information recived by korada.com from reliable sources, Rahul was in the U.S to undergo  intense political training to stand a tough competition like Modi. He felt the necessity of new strategies and laws for congress party to win over other parties and gain its position back. Also a change in Agenda might be noticed soon. Rahul was reportedly trained by professors of Harvard University in the United States to mould himself into a motivating and effective leader. In a rally that is goig to be held on 19th april by protestors against land acquisition, we can get to see the ‘new’ Rahul Gandhi.


Leaving aside the dirty ideas and plans, if the ‘new’ Rahul formulates good strategies for constructive congress, it will be beneficial to people and make them not lose hope. Wishing new Rahul All the best..!


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