11/24/15 10:56 AM

Rajamouli Cautions Baahubali Team




During filming of star heroes’ films, some technicians who are excited reveal interesting details of the film to their journalist or media friends off the record. That is how things about films usually make news and reach general public. In the same way, some interesting details were also revealed regarding Baahubali part-1. They were published on various media websites after knowing them from sources. In this context, star director SS.Rajamouli who does not want any matters of Baahubali part-2 to be leaked, warned his technicians. He strictly asked technicians and artists not to discuss anything like shoot, location or any other aspect regarding the film outsiders. Rajamouli said that some technicians who worked for Baahubali the Beginning revealed certain matters which were discussed at shooting spot to media and he had to give explanation for it. He feels that it is not correct to spread each and every detail about a movie. Rajamouli has firmly decided that any detail pertaining to Baahubali should be revealed only through its official Facebook or Twitter accounts.



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