12/23/15 12:32 PM

Rajamouli Furious on Gopichand

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Director SS.Rajamouli gets furious very rarely. He usually keeps his cool and sports a smiling face. But the talented directed is infuriated by hero Gopichand in recent days, say sources. The reason behind Rajamouli’s anger is a scene in Gopichand’s Soukyam movie directed by AS.Ravikumar Chowdary. In Soukyam, 30 years industry Prudhvi does a parody of the Shiva Linga scene of Prabhas in Baahubali. This comedy track has angered Rajamouli.

‘Baahubali project is not yet complete. Part-2 is the continuation of Baahubali the Beginning and is under process. Entire story of Baahubali is yet untold. Sivudu character continues in Baahubali part-2 and Shiva Linga is of great importance in it. The parody of this scene in Soukyam is degrading the Shiva Linga scene in part-1’…This is what Rajamouli has told his associates, say sources. Rajamouli’s anger raged on Gopichand since a parody has already been done on a character that is still incomplete and has got great importance in forthcoming film. Rajamouli feels that if they do not get ideas on what comedy track to do, they should work on it for some more days but should not degrade a great character and artwork of others.



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