02/22/16 10:15 AM

Rajamouli Shivers with a Phone Call


A phone call passed shivers to talented director SS Rajamouli. It put him in tension that none other caused him in recent days. In fact, his mind was in a blocked state for a moment. He could not sleep all night long. Going into detail..a stranger gave Rajamouli a call midnight a few days ago while he was in deep sleep. “Sir, the entire shoot of Baahubali part 2 filmed in Kerala has been put up on YouTube”. This is what the man who called told Rajamouli. The director immediately rang all his team members, woke them up and asked them to be present at office immediately. They started trying to block all the leaked links. But none of Baahubali – 2 footage was available online. This was a sort of relief to the entire team. However, they were annoyed with the fake call from an unknown person.



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