07/22/15 7:09 AM

Rajiv Gandhi Assasins Don’t Deserve Mercy: Center


The center made clear to Supreme Court that assasins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi do not deserve mercy. Role of foreign nationals is also suspected in the murder. Hearing was held in Supreme Court on Tuesday on a petition filed in the apex court by the center, challenging petition filed by the Tamil Nadu government, which decided to relieve the accused namely Nalini,Ravi chandran, Arivu of India along with Sri Haran alias Murugan, Santhan, Robert  Piyas and Jaya Kumar of Sri Lanka from life imprisonment.




Solicitor General Ranjith Kumar expressed the center’s opinion on releasing Rajiv Gandhi assasins to the five-judge Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India H.L. Dattu. “Our former Prime Minister was killed in a conspiracy hatched outside this country in which foreign nationals were involved and the conspiracy was executed by these convicts. What mercy is to be seen or shown? The pResident and Governor (Tamil Nadu) have both rejected it,” Ranjit Kumar told the bench. Famous lawyer Ram Jethmalani attended the court from Murugan’s side.

“Once we have commuted the death penalty to life. The ball is in the State government’s court to decide whether to use its power of remission to release the convicts or not… Now here the State says they have been in prison for 23 years and that is enough… so why do you come to us like a public-spirited person?” CJI asked. The Solicitor General responded by saying “life imprisonment is till the end of life. You cannot just release them”.



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